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Submitted on
September 2, 2008
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So numb, so cold
I don’t even realize
I’m bleeding again
When did this happen?

I think this time
Was no accident
How can I be sure?
This was my own doing

Look for the evidence
There on the floor
Covered in blood that
Flows through your veins

I’ve finally gone too far
One mistake won’t be undone
I’ve taken my life with a knife
I’ve torn others apart with one cut

Eternity in personal hell
That’s the price you pay
For taking your own life
Before it was end game

Look for the evidence
There on the floor
Covered in blood that
Flows through your veins

Can’t move forward
Not allowed back
Stuck in the now
Till eternity ends

Eternity is forever
I had an interesting dream the other night, though when i first woke after the dream I could remember none of it except for this poem. Let me just say now that some of the wording is off and it may not flow right but this is how I remembered it.

As I was writing down the poem I began to remember the dream in more detail but some parts of it are still hazy. I'm going to tell you the dream since it goes with the poem and I hope that when you are done reading both that you will tell me what you think. But please rememer that I do not remember much of the dream so if I don't explain or if I am vauge on something it is because I can not remember all of the details.

In a stone room stands a woman dressed in a gown of a noble of old. You can tell that she is royalty because only royalty can wear the hues of blue and purple. The gown is simple in style but yet it has its own elegance that makes you want to stare at the one wearing it. The dark purple complements the woman’s pale skin perfectly and where on a shorter person the hem would trail on the floor for her it just barley sweeps the floor. A curtain of hair falls past her waist in a black so dark no other shade is visible. She holds herself as one of royalty would with pride, grace and power but that stops when you look in to her eyes. Her eyes hold a deep sorrow some old wound that time has not been able to heal.

She is worried because her kingdom is being torn apart by her enemies and no matter what she does it only gets worse. They call on her but she only fails them each time when the evil is not pushed back to where it rightly belongs. They look to her for hope but she has none to give for her own has been stolen away from her when her daughter was taken from her before she even got to know her. The daughter is the one for told in prophecy to be the one who can return the peace and chase away the evil. Years were spent trying to locate the daughter but to no avail. So the queen gives up and begins to believe that her daughter is dead and no longer apart of the world.

Because of the queens lose of hope she is weakened and is able to be influenced by any force and magic be it good or evil. So lost is she in her misery she fails to see the shadow of evil that has come to take her life. Locked in a room where only she has the key she stands looking out at her kingdom that she failed. In her hand she holds a dagger and with that dagger she takes her own life with a simple slice to her flesh. By the time her personal guard realizes that she is in mortal danger it is too late and all of her life and power bleed out on to the stones.

So heavy was her grief and so strong was her power that instead of moving on into oblivion her spirit is tied to the earth. Fate forces her to stay in the now to watch those whose lives she ruined by taking her own life. She is left with all of her memories of the past and of each day that comes but she is unable to go back and fix her mistakes. She is left to face eternity alone stuck in the now unable to move on to the future that was rightfully hers.

I know I didn't do too good of a job telling the dream but I tried my best. I hope I didn't confuse too many people and all that. If I am ever able to remember the dream better than what I do now I'll try and put the it up for you to see (that is if anyone is interested).

***Note: the display picture I found on photobucket and unfortunatly is not mine. Here is the adress for where I got the photo if you are interested in seeing what else the artist has done.
[link] ***
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i particularly like the last stanza of this poem. it really sums up the subject well.
its good babe and i already told you what else i thought ... anyway you have typos in the authors note. love u
lol thanks babe I'll fix them when I get the chance.
I agree with Paige. You know as well as the rest of us that coincidences don't happen, and I think we should take a closer look at this.

On a superficial note, I think both your description of the dream and the poem are beautiful.
yeah I know but...if you both think it needs looking in to then I'll take your word. To me it was just a dream, powerful and vivid but a dream non the less. *sigh*

Anyway thank you for the compliment I really appricate it.
omg... we need to talk about this...
okay...but I don't understand why...I mean it's just a dream right?

Anyway thanks for the fav.
.... nothing is what it appears to be.
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